Here’s What You’ve Been Asking Us...

Registration Process

  1. How much time does FAZRemit registration take?
  2. The usual international money transfer process by banks or even some IMTO can take up to 7 days or even more. However, at FAZRemit, we ensure that irrespective of the amount, your transaction is processed instantly.

  3. What documents are required for registration?
  4. Our authentication team requires registering individuals to submit their driving license, passport, and state ID proof. Also, for the final KYC, we require your address proof.

  5. Can I change my details after registration?
  6. The personal information requested by us for authentication purposes is aimed to provide our large community with the most hassle-free platform to make the easiest international money transfers. Therefore, in case you want to update your documents, you would be required to register with a new account. The verification process will be executed for the new

  7. How many beneficiaries can I add?
  8. Once added to your list and verified, the beneficiary cannot be deleted. At the same time, the beneficiary list can store unlimited connections.

  9. When can I start sending money after registration?
  10. As soon as your account has been verified along with that of the listed beneficiaries, you can begin your transfers. However, every beneficiary is required to go through our verification process so as to ensure the secure transfer of your money to the desired account.

Money Transfer

  1. What currency can I use for sending money?
  2. Currently, FAZRemit services are open to every individual in the United States who owns a bank account. Therefore, in the US, we accept the United States Dollar (USD) in case one wants to transfer money.

  3. Where can I send the money to?
  4. Although we are rigorously working in the direction of expanding our termination points (i.e. the recipient’s location) across the globe, currently we are fully operational in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya.

  5. How much is the money transfer fees?
  6. FAZRemit is committed to providing the fastest, most convenient, and above all, the most affordable international money transfer service. In line with that assurance, our money transfer service includes a fixed transaction fee for each money category and slab.

  7. What is the minimum and maximum money transfer limit?
  8. Although there is no limitation on the number of times you can transfer an amount, you can apply for a minimum transfer of $30 and this limit can go as high as up to $10,000.

  9. Can I pay my regular bills through FAZRemit?
  10. Using FAZRemit international bill payment services, you can pay all your daily as well as installment-based credits including utilities, healthcare, loan repayments, school fees and much more without transferring money.

  11. Can I cancel my money transfer request?
  12. Unless you have deposited the amount, you can cancel the money transfer. However, once the transfer has been made, it cannot be refunded.

  13. Will I be charged by the bank that I am sending the money to?
  14. The transparent money transfer policy of FAZRemit ensures that you are not charged any hidden costs. Further, once we wire your money into your beneficiary's bank account, there is no deduction from it whatsoever.

General Queries

  1. How is FAZRemit different from other International Money Transfer Operators (IMTO)?
  2. As the name says, we are the fastest, the most affordable and highly zealous remit service in the industry. Our ability to facilitate instant international money transfers through extremely secured encryptions without any hidden fees has won the trust as well as the support of more than a million users worldwide within a short span.

  3. Are the money wiring services reliable?
  4. In the digital era, there are hundreds of IMTO, however, it is essential for an individual to opt for only those businesses that are licensed and authorized by Central Banks of the concerned countries. FAZRemit is powered by Small World Financial Services Group Limited which makes it one of the most reliable wiring service providers in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and worldwide.

For any further queries, you can write to us at and get a detailed response from our support desk promptly.