About Us

With over 10 years in the industry, we as a one of a kind sales and marketing company have focused on helping the African community in Diaspora to provide for and meet the needs of loved ones back home.

We believe that the strength of a group of people albeit a nation can be found in the love, bond and support between members, whereby the group pulls together to help shoulder the burden of each other. The Diaspora have played and will continue to play a crucial role in the support and care of loved ones by remitting money and aid back home through various means to carry out this moral obligation.

Our motivation and goal therefore is to support and assist by providing a point to point seamless platform that ensures this flow of support to loved ones. We have in collaboration with UniTeller Financial Services, Inc, created a secured, innovative and hassle free online platform to help the African community.

UniTeller Financial Services, Inc. is a leading Remittance & International Payment Processor based in the United States and with a payment network of over 200,000 paying locations worldwide. UniTeller is licensed in all USA states that require a license.

Our online solution “FAZRemit” is a convenient, robust, versatile, safe and simple way to send money to Africa.
We offer

  • 1. Competitive transfer fees,
  • 2. Excellent and very competitive exchange rates,
  • 3. Fast and prompt delivery to the beneficiary and
  • 4. Trustworthy and excellent customer service.



Deposits/Transfers can be made into Bank accounts in the following Banks



Cash can be collected at any branch of the following partnering banks of your choice. You do not need to have an account in any Bank to do a pick up. If a particular Bank is unable to provide service to you, the beneficiary can go to a different bank and branch to receive transferred funds.



Make sure your loved ones are cared for. Send food and groceries to you family and friends in Nigeria. Deliveries to select locations in the following States. Pick up option is also available in the following States.

FAZRemit's Promise

Secure and Reliable

Send your money with confidence through our encrypted platform.

Low and Competitive Fees

No Hidden fees.

Convenient, Safe and Easy

It is a quick and affordable way to send money to loved ones on your phone anytime and from anywhere.


Track status of your transaction.

Excellent Customer Service

Talk to real people when you call.


Stay informed and receive information about the promotions we run to help you save on your transfers.